Hi everyone, a couple of inspirational sites are in my focus this time around. I say this because after you have seen the extraordinary creations of these metal clayers you will be inspired to produce your own. (P.S. never copy! That’s not good claymanship!)  
    With these sites you need to grab your favorite beverage, sit back, kick up your feet, assuming you have a laptop! Otherwise, you will knock over your monitor, spill your drink… stop, Lori, you’re rambling! Anyway, what you will experience is endless hours of ooooo’s and awwwws. 
   Yet the best part is, if you enjoy what you see, you are able to click on the artist and visit their etsy store to make a purchase. I highly encourage you to do this and support your fellow artists. Somebody has to help them support their habits. After all, we all know how addicting metal clay is!
http://www.etsymetalclay.blogspot.com  is a site where you may not find how-tos or step by steps; instead you will be treated to posting after posting of eye candy. Yum! Yum! These are some insanely talented artists!
     Another blog came to us through a recommendation… keep those coming by the way! I was already familiar with this site and was going to tell you all about it because of its hamster. Huh? Its what? There is the cutest little hamster in a cage that you are able to feed and play with. What does a hamster have to do with metal clay? Who cares! I played with it for about 5 minutes till I could tear myself away to maneuver through the site. The site is  http://www.joyfunnell.blogspot.com 
  Joy Funnell is a wonderful enameller and a senior Art Clay instructor. She fills her blog with great pictures and stories about her current pieces. This is another perfect place for a budding artist or a seasoned veteran to receive a creative nudge.
    Elsewhere in this issue we welcome Linda Stiles Smith’s Guest Blog, offering her perspective on personal creativity. We can learn new methods, new ideas, and play with new clays. It all contributes to our inspiration to create!
So there you are for now. I hope you glean some fresh perspectives.
Don’t forget to visit our Featured Artist Lorena Angulo’s fabulous blog at
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