I remember the day my wife became interested in Metal Clay Art as if it were yesterday. She came to me and said, “Honey, I need a killin’!”. I thought ‘oh my, who is she mad at?’. So I asked her who she wanted to kill. After a stunned look and silence from her, she collected herself and ask me what I was talking about? I replied, “You want to kill somebody so who are you mad at?” It then registered with her that I misunderstood Kiln with Killin’. And that was my introduction to a complete new world and a new vernacular. 

Well, she got her Kiln and she got a whole bunch of other stuff that I cannot even remember the names of other than ‘glass’, and ‘clay’ and like all of us on new ventures, when we first start, we really are not that good. She would pull something out of what I now called the “Oven” and would proudly display a mangled mess of something. 

Having been married a long time and wanting to stay that way, I would say that is nice honey but then, stupidly, would blurt out, “What is it?” Oops. Fortunately she understood I was ignorant about this Metal Clay world and she moved full steam ahead. 

Over time and many classes she attended, I began to recognize stuff coming out of the oven (aka Kiln) as being something. And then one day, I noticed how the ‘stuff’, although gawky (meaning big to me), was really beginning to look good. 

Eventually she moved from going to classes to teaching classes. Then she began writing about how she made ‘stuff’. And more importantly, she was getting published on the web and in trade magazines. And because I could now recognize the ‘stuff’ coming out of the oven, I could give honest opinions and stay married. After all, she was now teaching, she was published and she became a Senior Certified Art Clay World instructor and my little comments were not going to break her confidence in any way. In fact, she had even been commissioned to make a custom piece for a wedding. And the feedback from the wedding party was very positive. I actually like it too. So much so I am encouraging her to start her own line. Why not? She is good at it and people are now seeking her out to make them ‘stuff’ so, hey, seems 

to me that the next logical step on this journey of Metal Clay Art would be your own designer line. 

Anyways, whether or not she does this, in the end, won’t matter. She and two other ladies have started an online magazine called Metalclaytoday.com and with over 1000 subscribers, this is keeping her pretty busy. 

What’s that old saying, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” And although I’m on the outside looking in, the inside is looking pretty darn good these days in her world of 

Metal Clay Art. 

– Michael Shea 

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