I have been playing with my clay for the first time in several weeks. Life has a way of truly throwing curve balls! I just reorganized my room and it feels so much better to go into it and work.  Imagine this, I can find all my tools just by looking at the labels!  

   I have been taking care of some family stuff and I was brought to pondering my life by the fact that we were trying to clean up a disastrous messy place of a family member.  Since we are still dealing with all this, I vowed that I would make it that if something happened to me, my family would know that  large lump of shiny stuff in the left drawer was pure silver from a bad wax casting. Or that the wire sticking out of the cup is not junk it is pure silver.   Not to mention all my various other passions like sewing or felting with my pure alpaca wools, soy silks, fat quarters ect…  not to mention my several thousand dollar sewing machine!

You get the picture.  We all have some very expensive items tucked away in our stash. I can’t  expect my kids to understand how much my passions have cost.  It really made me start consider writing it all down and preparing a will just for my goodies.  I know my fellow quilters, jewelers, felters and lamp workers, oh, and glass fusers would know the value of it all.  But I need to list all the people that should get first crack at it. I want it all to go to a good home!     ;-}

 I know this is probably not a pleasant subject matter but I feel it needs to be broached, because it will affect all of us one day.  But on a happy note, I am going to share pictures of my organized room!  I am having so much fun! I wish I had had this kick in the pants to clean up my act, a long time ago! I hope you will share pictures of your rooms with us and maybe your room will be published in the magazine! Send your pictures to media@metalclaytoday.com and maybe your room will become famous!

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