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Lark Jewelry- First Paperback Edition 2010

A Complete Guide to Essential Techniques

This book is packed from cover to cover with vital information on traditional jewelry making. However, it is the stunning examples of the skilled jewelry creators, this author compiled, which make my heart go pitter pat!

Joanna takes the reader from tools, through techniques pausing between projects to allow the reader to be inspired by the phenomenal examples of experienced artists. This book is a delicate dance between information and inspiration, leaving the reader equipped enough to want to attempt fundamental techniques, everything from Cold Connections to working with Metal Clay.

I would recommend this book for the newest convert to jewelry making! With this ample compilation of projects, the newbie will definitely have an abundant grasp of the basics!  Having access to all the tools may be another story, but we all started somewhere! We also know how fast tools seem to multiply!

Now you may think this book would only be for beginners, but I beg to differ! I am so enthralled by the breathtaking galleries, I caught myself salivating! Pick up your copy and you will understand what I am saying, inspiration is valuable for everyone, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Plus, it never hurts to brush up on the basics from time to time.

For the Metal clay artist, this book does not have much information, but when did pictures of gorgeous jewelry pieces lose its appeal to us? Never! Ever!

This superb book belongs in every library as a picturesque reference tool which will become well used!  It would also make a great gift for someone who is just beginning the extraordinary creative journey that jewelry making becomes!