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The Penland Book of Glass– Master Classes in Flamework Techniques LarkCrafts

 First Paperback Edition 2011

The Penland Book of Jewelry- Master Classes in Jewelry Techniques LarkCrafts

 First Paperback Edition 2011

The Penland School of Crafts is located in the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and has been educating a variety of artists for over 75 years.  These two beautiful books are a compilation of pictures and techniques from several of the astonishingly gifted teachers whom have taught at their school throughout the years.

I was going to review them separately but I could not bring myself to break up the set. I am also aware that there a three more books in this series; however, unfortunately I do not have those yet! I will remedy that soon!

I cannot do justice to these inspirational books! Every single page evokes emotion! I must admit it is the same deep emotion that wells up in me, whenever I wander through an art museum.  Each page causes me to pause and admire it for more than a moment.  I promise, the caliber of artistry will take your breath away!

In both books, the reader is introduced to ten of the incredibly talented teachers from their school.  That means twenty opportunities to be amazed beyond belief! Each teacher is then given several pages to showcase  one of the techniques they had shared with students over the years. Plus, the reader is also given a glimpse inside the minds of these extraordinary artists as they explain who they are and why they create in their own unique way.

There are hours upon hours of motivational  brilliance in each of these books. I find myself picking them up, reading about an artist, mulling over the information, setting it down and returning to it repeatedly. The greatest bonus to this is  how wonderful both books look in my living room! The photography and layout is spectacular, making them, dare I say it, gorgeous coffee table books. Since the paperback version of these books were just released this year 2011, this starving artist can afford them!

As metal clay artists we should never limit ourselves to strictly metal clay books, inspiration is found everywhere! If you are like most metal clay artists I know, including myself, you have arrived via various artistic mediums.  This gives us freedom to create! These books are a motivator for you to explore that freedom!

 I understand the other three books are about handmade books, ceramics, and woodworking.  I will look forward to adding them to the first two. I know my husband will love the woodworking book, I don’t always share my books with him! 🙂   Lori Phillips