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The Metal Clay World Conference was one the foremost  conferences I have ever attended!   I have gone to several quilting conferences and countless retreats, but none of them inspired my artistic abilities so profoundly as this one! I was surrounded by artists of the highest caliber and all of them were willing to share!  Jackie Truty, Katie Baum and the entire Art Clay World team treated us to a phenomenal time! I was extremely impressed  with the professional was it was run! The conference center was perfect as well as the accommodations! The breakfast and lunch that was provided for us was excellent and it kept us from having to worry about meals as we made our transitions each day!

I almost forgot to mention the opening night’s meet and greet plus charm exchange. The food was exceptional and I had a blast exchanging charms with some of the most talented artists I have ever met. I had about 50 charms to pass out and I received close to that back. I loved the fact that most of them were attached to the business card of the trader. This allowed me to go through them later and recall the artist.  This also allowed me to reconnect with these artists once I got back on-line to Facebook. Not to mention I have two awesome charm bracelets to wear!

I unfortunately was not able to attend any of the classes that were offer prior to the conference, yet I came  away with my brain filled to the brim with inspiration and information! Each day we were able to chose from several teachers sharing with us valuable knowledge . Some did demonstrations, some lectured with Powerpoint, and all were extraordinary artists! We were able to pick their brains with questions and answers after each presentation, thus cementing all the information in our brains! ( I tend to learn better by asking questions) Each lecture was wisely offered several times throughout the  three days, giving us the opportunity to not miss out! 

 I am sure next time I will take a class or two prior to the actual conference, but I came away from this one with my mind in overload, I don’t think I could have packed one more thing in it. I also was able to connect with people I only know from Facebook. I had a ton of fun actually meeting them and I tried to eat at least one meal with several of them.   I was able to connect with several of our artists from the covers of our magazine. I was able to finally meet Michela Verani, Joy Funnell, Wanaree Tanner, Cindy Pankopf, and many more.  Actually, I have met Cindy before but we had never been able to hang out.  I was privileged enough to be at Michela’s table when she was given many awards including 3rd place for the  North American Design Competition, what a great thing! I was also pleasantly surprised to see Wanaree Tanner take First Place!!!! Yippee for them both! I was so excited for them, I missed who took second. 😦   

I almost forgot, there was an open forum bouncing around the idea of an international, brand neutral metal clay guild. Be sure to watch our blog, other’s blogs and the Yahoo Metal Clay Group for more information. I have posted a questionnaire on our Facebook Fan Page if you have an opinion. It is going to take all hands on deck to make this come about!

 I truly recommend if you can possibly go to the next one in 2013, start saving now!! I am looking forward to the PMC Conference in 2012.  I think it will be worth every penny as well! 

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