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Ring A Day  

Written by: Marthe Le Van 

Lark Jewelry and Beading 2011

Reviewed by Lori Phillips   

Are you interested in a book that is purely fun to look through? This is it! Marthe Le Van has compiled pictures of over 700  fantastic pictures from the Ring A Day Challenge that took place on the internet in 2010.  The Challenge was for  any  jewelry artists to make one ring a day for an entire year, from any materials, giving freedom to create with no parameters. I myself had considered doing it but as picture after picture was posted on Flickr, I decided I was not quite that ready to be so prolific!

I admire Marthe for being able to pair down thousands of entry pictures to 700 of the best examples of insane creativity! She was able to capture the uniqueness of 44 different artists. There were few metal clay artist’s names I did recognize such as, Lorena Angulo (Our Featured Artist March 2010) , Lora Hart and Angela Baduel-Crispin. 

This book is completely a treat to the eyes and a boost for some  marvelous creative motivation! These artist shattered the norms and created with everything from Maria Apostolou’s  Pencil Shavings to  Lora Hart’s melted plastic spoon.  I  am absolutely enthralled with how on page 83, Kathern Riechert bends flatware into the coolest rings! Lorena Angulo never seizes to amaze me with her creativity from a gorgeous  metal clay Tree of Life ring (pg.60) to a ring created with fruits and veggies! (pg.64) What goes on in the minds of these artists? I love that the artists also took into account the  2010 holidays when they created as well.  Nina Dinoff’s marshmallow Bunny ring gave me a good giggle! Check it out on page 69!

If I have gotten anything out of this book, it is that I need to stop limiting myself into thinking that I can’t be creative just because I don’t have certain supplies.   Angela Baduel-Crispin’s words  in the Introduction captured best what I  have gleaned from this book, “But this challenge pushed me to look at everything around me in a different light and imagine that absolutely anything could go on a finger while also expressing that particular day like a sketch in a dairy.” Do take the time to read the Introduction because Marthe has been able to capture the thought of all the contributing artists and I believe you will be inspired!

Marthe, you have a fantastic book here! I recommend it to every jewelry artist! It is small enough to keep handy to grab whenever you need a bit of inspiration. If these artists can create with rubber bands or tape, just because you don’t have some metal clay handy doesn’t mean you can’t create!  Broaden your horizons! And maybe next year all of us will join in on the next internet challenge!