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Guess you haven’t heard from me in a while because I have to been too busy screwing everything up that I work on. Actually, you have heard more than you care to know in all my posts here and there.

 It all started with a flower. No, it all started with a manicure. I had gone to the hair salon because for every reason you can think of but mainly because my hair was turning grey very quickly. I also decided I needed a manicure, which is kind of insane when you think about what we do with our nails when working with metal clay. So I sat down with my favorite manicurist and friend, Rosie, who loves my jewelry and paintings. She asked me for a brass ring. I still haven’t done that yet. The lady beside her, another manicurist, gives me a flowered ring and asks me in broken English to make it bigger for another finger. I agreed (it must have been the fumes of the dark purple nail polish Rosie was applying to my nails)…She dropped the ring into my bag.

Manicure finished, I move onto the next stop on the assembly line to have my hair washed then on to the hairdresser. Walked around for 3 hours until I was SURE my nails were dry and then got out of there and drove home. Oh, and by the way, the other manicurist with the ring, Theresa, asked me for a pendant just like the ring but bigger. This was all fake silver or nickel plated I don’t know what said Anna Rosana Danna but it looked pretty icky to me.

When I arrived home, I showed my husband the ring. He said, no problem, I’ll take a Dremmel to it and grind away the inside of the ring. That raised a red flag. My idea (that somehow couldn’t leave my head to make the journey to the mouth) thought it would be better to cut it (a bit) and try to solder silver clay to fill in the cut.

He ground it. Well, it was going to fit now, but on the inside there were a whole array of metals. Now what? Gilder’s Paste – Silver! I had that. I love when I have something that you need for a project and you don’t say, “Drats (fill in your real word) I don’t have that.” However, the Gilder’s Paste was there. I open the lid, take a tiny corner of a cloth and start spreading it inside the ring gently but with even coverage. I let it dry. I do this about 26 times. In fact, it looked so good that I figured I would re-do the outside of the ring the same way. Again the application, etcetera. After a day, not that I shouldn’t have waited two days, I decided to use my OWN noggin’ and protect it with a lacquer protector thing, Permelac. Seemed like clear nail polish to me but I am sure it was much stronger.

 I’ve looked at the ring from both sides now. Looks good! I also make a molded impression of the flower so I can somehow make a bigger one. I move in the right direction but I am never sure where I am going to land up in these projects. Anyway, I bring it back to the salon and Theresa wasn’t there. No problem. I gave it to Rosie, who asked again about the brass ring. I should tell you that during these waiting times for the paste to dry etc., I tried making the brass ring three times. Really! Too thin! Too thick, too small, not wide enough…yeah, I made about three of them.

 A day or two later, I am anxious to hear what Theresa thinks about the ring. I call up Rosie or Facebook her. She replies that all that silver stuff came off and now the inside of her ring is orange. Damn, geez, expletives….Does it make a difference that the ring cost her ten dollars and I used up how many hours to accomplish her initial request. Well, I was horrified. I asked Rosie if she was really upset. She said, “You’ll have to ask her…” This did not bode well. In the meantime I played with the rosette mold and made a necklace of three hanging on a silk ribbon in different color metals. I so tried to like it. I did not. You’ll notice I didn’t call Theresa back yet. I figured I would make her the pendant from the rose mold. She knows I wasn’t going to use real silver, so the closest to that was Pearl Grey Silver by Hadar Jacobson, which I love.

 I made the pendant. It wasn’t round. I had to add to it with more rosette parts to equal it out. Then the bail in the back and really making sure that everything was even. In green ware it weighed a pound. I finally put it in the kiln fully expecting this THING would not sinter. Ah, but it did. I took the brass brush, the Dremmel, the tumbler, my agate burnisher. Not so silvery. Well, truth be told it’s supposed to look like steel, but a light steel. I put it online to show friends, as I did the rosette necklace and I must say how polite everybody was. I tried this thing on and I felt the old ball and chain without the chain.

 At this point, to add insult to injury, my hair is really dirty and they grey is coming in oddly matching the Pearl Grey Silver I used for the pendant. Should I go back to the salon and have my hair properly done,coloured, etc…and face Theresa about the ring and show her the pendant. It’s Rejection vs. Vanity. I chose rejection. I just couldn’t bear going back there, yet.

But what did I have to lose? I already put in the hours, did the best I could and if she didn’t like it, so she didn’t like it and there was a Ladies Room nearby where I could heave from the pain. So here’s the bottom line.

I went to another hairdresser, took off my own nail polish and my hair continues to grow even more grey with the length. I just tell anyone who asks that I want that “older hippy look”….which isn’t so bad. Didn’t that whole generation start off with Flower Power?