WOW, did I goof! It was brought to my attention that I still have September 15, 2013 as the last day to enter the Set the Table Challenge on the website. It should have been October 15, 2013.  In an effort to correct this error, I’ve modified the dates to give you a chance to participate. See the bottom of this page for more information.

My excuse is that I updated the website before the anticipated release of the last edition.  It was not online at its usual date because we wanted to share with you all of the wonderful things that happened at Metal Clay by the Bay.  We were involved with Metal Clay by the Bay from the beginning and bursting to let you know all about it.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t do a reset on everything involving the challenge. I’m sorry! These Challenges are designed to stretch your metal clay creativity and give you an opportunity to discover companies like NobelClays who cater to us metal clay enthusiasts.  NobelClays is an awesome company with wonderful products!  They have been very generous in their sponsorship and we’d like to offer you another chance to participate in this challenge.I hope you’ll forgive me for making this blunder!  I look forward to seeing all the ways that you have Set the Table with metal clay.

Here’s a few reasons why I hope you’ll take this challenge…

the Sponsor is

null   and

everybody who enters will receive

10 grams of microSPHERE and

 a 25% discount on Noble Clays!

First Place is  500g Bronze Ruby

& 50g Silver Sterling,
this is a value at $223.00 (USD).
null+ null

Second Place is 300g Bronze Ruby and

330g microSPHERE

Valued at $70.20 (USD) for Bronze and $24 (USD) for microSHERE
+ null

Viewer’s Choice is

 100g Bronze Ruby and 55g microSphere

  + null  

Entry into the Set the Table Challenge is FREE and open to all Metal Clay Today registered subscribers.

So if you’re ready, it’s time to

Set the Table

with metal clay!

Enter today by visiting

Entries will be accepted until November 1, 2013.

Voting for the Viewer’s Choice Award begins November 8 and runs through November 25, 2013.

Winners announced November 30, 2013.