I’ve had the great pleasure of attending a Metal Clay World Conference and a PMC Conference.  At these events, I met so many wonderful and fascinating metal clay artists.  Artists that I am so happy to call friends.  There have been a few hearty soles that have taken on the challenge of putting together metal clay events.  All of them are delightful I’m certain, but maybe not as large as those previous conferences.  So I have a question for you… would you be interested in a Metal Clay Conference in Las Vegas?

LVM is a professional company that manages conferences all over the country. They are interested in organizing a metal clay conference, but because the niche is so small, they want to incorporate polymer clay and a small amount of glass as well. They would like feedback, because once committed, this is a huge undertaking with lots of financial implications on their part. You can contact Patty at patty@lvmanagement.com to let her know what you think.

They would have classes, a vendor room, much like the Metal Clay World Conference of old. Only they are totally unbiased and would only be interested in throwing the best, most complete conference ever.

The conference would be in Vegas, because rooms are cheap and nearly everyone can get a flight there. This would be for 2015, so they need all the feedback they can get.

Please let Patty know what you think. Just like the Glass Community has Glass Craft and Bead Expo, which also includes small amounts of polymer clay and metal clay, I think it would be fabulous to have a metal clay conference that has polymer clay and glass in it. There is such a wide crossover of techniques, molds, stamps, etc.