Passing on the Passion of Metal Clay!

Contributing ArtistYears ago when Arli Wolfson, Lori Phillips, and I decide to harness our collective passion for Metal Clay in the form of Metal Clay Today, we decided it was important to include other artists in the experience.  We suspected there were other Metal Clayers who were as engaged and hungry for articles and step-by-steps for working with metal clay. We still think we were right.

Our mission statement (do they still call it a mission statement?)  reads, “Metal Clay Today is devoted to giving recognition, encouragement and a voice to the many gifted artisans, teachers and enthusiasts in the metal clay world.”

I can gratefully and wholeheartedly state, we’ve the great pleasure of getting to know some of the worlds most gifted, talented, generous artists, artists who work primarily in metal clay. In addition, ALL of the Contributing Artists to Metal Clay Today are volunteers.  And I’m hoping that after today, you’ll become one of those artists!

In the Writer’s Guidelines, we give you the basic information about being a Contributing Artist, how to submit, submission dates, etc.  But have you ever thought about the altruistic effects of being a Contributing Artist?

Because Metal Clay Today is an online only magazine, it is read from Edmonton, Canada to Auckland, New Zealand and most continents in between.  If anyone knows a metal clayer in Greenland or Antarctica, please tell them about Metal Clay Today!

My point? There are metal clayers everywhere!  Some of them are isolated and the internet is their biggest source of fresh information about metal clay and new techniques. You can be their source of inspiration and encouragement and in the process become an internationally known writer!

We all remember the first time we worked with fine silver, copper, or bronze clay.  We studied the package directions. Read everything we could and eventually taking the plunge, were rewarded with the ah ha moment.  When we held our first piece of metal and realized we could make art with metal clay! Wouldn’t you like to be the one to pass on your love of metal clay to the next metal clay enthusiast?

To be a Contributing Artist, you only need to have the passion for working with metal clay and a willingness to share what you know about it! Visit and add your name to the list of  the many gifted Contributing Artists to Metal Clay Today.

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