What’s happening at Metal Clay Today?

There has been so much happening here with Metal Clay Today and my own life, I feel I should take a paragraph or more to let you in on it.

I usually try to not let me personal life interfere with my work.  I’ve learned all too well lately that sometimes it is just too difficult!

I’ll give you just a brief synopsis of the past few months…

MargaretAround the end of last year, Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers.  We’d been asking her for awhile to choose an assisted living place so we could move her while she was still able to enjoy her new friends.  (I’ll bet a lot of you know that conversation.)

Things were progressing as expected until Mom went into the hospital.  A short time later she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Due to her other problems, our only option was to keep her comfortable and in a good place. Needless to say we were all on an emotional roller coaster trying to figure out what would be best for her.

A short time later Mom had a stroke and heart attack.  She survived it, but it left her unable to eat and drink.  We spent her final days surrounding her with as much love and affection as possible.  She went to dance with my Dad in heaven a short 5 days later!

I began to have serious doubt about the longevity of Metal Clay Today during this time.  It was soooo hard to get everything done, on time and well.  Fortunately, a friend suggested in her Facebook posting, that everything is easy with more people. It struck a cord with me, I began to think “What would happen if I opened up Metal Clay Today?”   I put out the word, and an amazing thing happened.  I immediately received so many emails from other artists volunteering to do something to keep this enterprise alive.  Metal Clay Today Winter 2014-2015The response was simply phenomenal!  Thanks to these artists new life has been breathed into Metal Clay Today; Alisa Siceloff, Brandy Boyd, Colleen White, Deanna Duncan-Allen, Helen Thomas, Jennifer Gastelum, JoAnn Wadler, Kristy Tamarack, Marilyn Cook, Marla Downing, Martha Biggar, Mojca Gazič, Steve Rossman, Teresa Mahler, Theresa Fiorella and the friend who gave me the idea,Tonya Davidson! And starting with the Summer Edition, Pat Evans, will become the new Senior Editor of Metal Clay Today! It is my intentions to introduce you to all of these wonderful and talented artists in the upcoming editions.

So what can you expect in the upcoming months?  I am in the process of finishing the Winter edition. I was working on it when Mom’s health started failing. How do you like this cover?   We’ll be featuring JoAnn Wadler, Steve Rossman, Carol Bray and more!

Pat Evans is working on the Summer Edition right now.  Our intention is to have it online at the intended time.  We will get the Spring 2015 edition out just as soon as practical.  Any Premier Subscribers whose subscription has expired during this time frame will have the editions sent directly to them.

ArtisanCraftExpo2015_7.25x4.75Amidst all of this, something pretty positive happened to me.  I was accepted to teach at the 2015 Artisan’s Craft Expo in Las Vegas, NV this July!  I’m very excited about it.  If you’re planning on attending, I hope you’ll stop by the booth to say hello, maybe take a class or two. Pat will be there and many of the artist’s who’ve been featured and written for Metal Clay Today.

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5 thoughts on “What’s happening at Metal Clay Today?

  1. I was sorry to hear about your mother. Leavings are always difficult. On the other hand I am so grateful for your and others efforts to create Metal Clay Today. As one who loves the medium it keeps me in touch with others and their work in metal clay.

  2. Goodbye to your Mom and hello to a whole bunch of new friends. Life truly is a circle isn’t it? I’m so sorry for your loss.

  3. Norma has summed up what I wanted to express, perfectly. Thank you for the update and for finding a way to continue the magazine.

  4. I had no idea this had been going on in your life. I’ve been out of the online loop for awhile & trying to catch up. I’m so sorry for your loss. I appreciate your efforts along with the tribes in keeping Metal Clay Today rocking on!!! Blessings

    1. Thank you Trish. I appreciate the kind words. It’s been quite a year.

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