Artist’s Making an Impact!

IMPACT ProjectMetal Clay Today has as our mission to give recognition, encouragement and a voice to the many gifted artisans, teachers and enthusiasts in the metal clay world. That is why we are assisting Holly Gage in announcing her new endeaver, the Impact Artist Project.

According to Holly,  “IMPACT is a non-profit organization taking a unique approach to educating Metal Clay users, and potential users, by bringing new awareness to the capabilities and wonders of Metal Clay.”

Holly who is the  Program Director says, “We had to think differently about a project that would go above and beyond the typical advocacy guild or art program. As the economy challenges folks, art guilds and programs across the board have seen a decline. Being an artist, teacher, or business in this environment has become increasingly challenging. IMPACT has designed a variety of incentives associated with doing various ‘growth’ activities. As you choose the activity that suits your personal needs, you grow as an artist, teacher, or business depending on your interest.” Built into the incentive program are the tools of the trade, such as Metal Clay, books, and hand tools. Each activity has a points reward value equal to gift certificate dollars that you get to spend at one of the IMPACT Sponsor’s stores.

IMPACT provides its members with a vast web site of resources, a wonderful forum for discussion, many supportive programs for guilds and their members, educational webinars, and a vast incentive program of activities designed to help members grow their career by keeping them motivated and excited about their own achievements. Individual artists can share their successes, ideas, and techniques for Metal Clay use through The HUB, as well as perusing through Event Postings; Discussions; a Metal Clay Project Showcase; Tips, Tricks, and Tools; Articles and Tutorials; Classes/Workshops; Teaching Facilities; Instructor Listings; Businesses Helping Businesses; Business Listings, and more.

hfebjejh-1Among other organizations, IMPACT is being supported by industry leaders such as: Jewelry Artist,,, and Art Clay World. Currently, the IMPACT Artist Project is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 dollars in an effort to bring their project to life.

This week, Holly Gage has offered her soon to be published e-book, “The Journey of Self Discovery through Metal Clay” to every donation level for free if the IMPACT Artist Project achieves their reach goal of $50,000, in addition to whatever level folks have pledged. You’ll have to hurry if you want to receive “The Journey of Self Discovery through Metal Clay” and get involved. The kickstarter campaign ends soon.

Holly Gage

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