Big Changes Coming in 2017

Our Subscription Service Provider

For the past several years all editions of Metal Clay Today have been housed inside a “secure zone” provided by Business Catalyst.  It has been a good system but it does have it’s limitations.  For one thing each time some-one renewed their subscription it had to be manually updated.  And a subscriber could renew their subscription twice if they’d forgotten or the system didn’t allow them access.

Both problems made us uncomfortable and for those who ran into the problems annoyed!

We believe we’ve found the answers in SendOwl!  We like it because subscription delivery is practically instantaneous. Won’t allow a subscriber to renew twice and will notify you when your subscription is about to expire.

Here’s how it works –

  • When you click on the link to become a Premier Subscriber, immediately a pop-up opens to Paypal for you to purchase your Premier Subscription.  
  • After you’ve paid for your subscription, you’ll be taken to a link to download your first edition of Metal Clay Today.  You’ll also be sent an email acknowledging your order payment with more information about accessing new editions.
  • This email also contains the link to your payment history and subscription management area.  Keep a copy of this email. Please bookmark this page for future use.

Later, when you want to log back into your dashboard to retrieve your editions or make changes to your account –

To log into this area, you will need your email address and Gateway Transaction ID.  Clicking the link will take you to the subscription management area.

The Gateway Transaction ID can be found in a couple of places.

  • The first of which is in the receipt email sent to you on at time of purchase.
  • The Gateway Transaction ID is also listed on your order details page.
  • Once you have logged into the subscription management area, you’ll be able to download current and past editions of Metal Clay Today and if necessary cancel your subscription to Metal Clay Today.

Moving all subscribers over to the new system will take time, so if you’ve been using the Clayers Club to access your editions you’ll be able to continue without interruption.

The second change to subscriptions is the way past editions viewed.

Become a Premier Subscriber using the recurring  payments option.  This option allows you to have access to all past editions during the length of your subscription.  Price per year – $19.95

Become a Premier Subscriber using the non-recurring payment option.  This option allows you to have access to the last edition and every edition issued for the next year.  Price per year – $19.95  


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2 thoughts on “Big Changes Coming in 2017

  1. What if you are an exiting subscriber? Regards, Helen Moody

    Sent from my iPad

    1. We’ll be sending emails with directions for moving over to the new system each month as subscriptions expire.

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